Holy Land Memorials is a highly professional manufacturer of extraordinary and remarkable burial products that are made of the finest natural materials found in the Holy Land.


Holy Land Memorials was established in 2013.

Our factory is located at the foot of the beautiful Galilean Mountains, nearby the holy city of Nazareth.

At Holy Land Memorials, our vision is to help the mourning family through their difficult time, In having a truly precious and graceful ceremony by bringing the spirit of the holy land to you and your loved one.

At Holy Land Memorials, we make our products affordable, without compromising their beauty or quality.

Here at Holy Land Memorials, we make sure that each product is well inspected by our experts for top quality, before it leaves our factory. Only then, once the product is inspected and found in order, it is stamped with our company logo, which ensures our customers that they are receiving excellent, high standard product from the Holy Land.