Galilee Headstone

Jerusalem Headstone

אבן ראש גליל חדש.png
אבן ראש ירושלים חדש.png

Galilee Stone is a general name for all marble                stones quarried in the upper Galilee Mountains.              Some of the stone is typically light brown in color and  is speckled with brownish red veins.                                Another Galilee Stone has a yellowish light brown          warm color and is rich in texture, due to the oxidation  of the iron deposits and focalization.                                

It is a beautiful hard marble stone that responds well    to stone cutting designs.                                                    

The red Jerusalem Stone which is characterized by        a wild, surprising and dynamic texture has a constantly changing color which varies from pinkish brown to        wild red.                                                                                The stone is intertwined with silica and crystal veins      which grant its surface great visual wealth.                     

Dimensions Outside Size                   Description
24” by 12” by 3”                                   Single one name
28” by 16” by 3”                                   for Two names
36” by 18” by 3”                                   a side by side
44” by 14” by 3””                                  a side by side(for two names)
16” by 8” by 3”                                      Infant grave or a cremation urn